Given the ongoing changes in the precious metal industry We as a company strive to remain on top of compliances at all times. We believe that it is our utmost duty and responsibility as a LBMA affiliate member to uphold the high standard expected of us. To be able to sustain and maintain our relationships and conduct our business in a compliant and contributive manner, we put an additional focus towards compliance.

We efficiently work together with our counterparties to ensure the metals sourced and traded by us follow the high ethical standards established by LBMA/DMCC/OECD. Please find below our KYC and onboarding forms along with the basic guidelines of LBMA and DMCC.

DSV Trading KYC Form

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DSV Trading Customer Declaration


DSV Trading Supplier Declaration


International Compliance Policies

LBMA Silver Guidance

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LBMA Gold Guidance

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Strengthening Our Presence with LBMA and SBMA Memberships